Help your local Hospitals and Community Funds earn a share of at least $10,000.00 in awards.

Want to help frontline health workers in your county receive a share of not less than $10,000?

There are three ways you can help your county earn a share:

  1. Vote: Send an email to with the name of your Ohio County in the Subject line. (Six Ohio counties receiving the most “votes” by the end of the day on June 30 will receive some grant money for their top critical care hospital or top-tier community foundation.) You don’t even have to buy a stamp to do that!

  2. Donate: Go to and contribute locally and directly to those same hospitals and community foundations. There are several choices for almost every county in the State. Most linked donation pages on our website are COVID-19 specific, and 100%-to-the-cause. Every $67 could help save a life! (And again, the top counties with the most donations (not the most money donated) will be awarded some financial assistance for their top hospitals and foundations.)

  3. Spread the Word: Besides getting a grip on the numbers through more testing and tracking, or coming up with effective treatments and maybe a vaccine, the best thing we can do is try to beat this virus with our own amazing virality! Share this message. Help us approach a pizza shop with a little stack of flyers. (They have to be feeling blessed to be in the food delivery business these days!) Get on social media and tell your friends it’s time to DO something, even if it’s from the comfort of their own home. (The more votes and donations you inspire, the better the chance your Ohio county will be an award winner!)

It's that easy! And we've evened the playing field by grouping counties according to population. To see where your county competes, click here.



All donations or email votes must be submitted by Midnight on June 30, 2020.


Please Note: 

Only one vote per email address will be counted.


The DuBois Family Foundation and other project partners will provide grants to individual organizations ranging from $500-$1000*.



*Grants will be awarded to

(1) the hospital or community foundation with the top number of donors originating from our website,

(2) the hospital or community foundation in each of six County Population Tiers where the highest number of donations in all donee categories originate,

(3) a hospital or community foundation in each of the Counties Tiers with the most “votes”, and

(4) other criteria established by specific grant providers.

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